Lent and Holy Week


  • Lenten Series: Loss & Renewal – Wed., March 14, 7:30 PM
  • Reconciliation Service – Mon., March 19, 7:30 PM (St. Ignatius)


  • Palm Sunday – March 25, One Mass at 10 AM
  • Tenebrae Service  – Wed., March 28, 7:30 PM
  • Seder and Mass of the Last Supper  – Thurs., March 29, 6 PM & 8 PM
  • Good Friday – March 30
    • Morning Prayer  – (Lauds)  9 AM
    • Children’s Service  – 1 PM
    • Celebration of Christ’s Passion  –  8 PM
  • Overnight Vigil of the Triduum  – March 30-31, 9:30 PM – 6:30 AM
  • Easter Vigil Mass of the Resurrection  – Sat., March 31, 8 PM
  • Easter Sunday Mass  – April 1, One Mass at 10 AM

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Good Friday Service for Children

On Good Friday this year at St. Vincent de Paul Church in downtown Baltimore, children and their families will walk the way of the Lord. The kids can dress up costume (provided or bring your own) and then imagine the scene in Jerusalem as they move through all 14 Stations of the Cross. As they go, they will collect small mementos to remember each step in Jesus’s journey.

Though the service is aimed at kids preschool through elementary school age, all ages are welcome. The service offers a welcome opportunity for the families of St. Vincent de Paul, neighboring parishes and the local community to come together during Holy Week.

St. Vincent de Paul welcomes all families to join this devotional experience on Good Friday, March 30 at 1 PM.

St. Vincent is located at the corner of Fayette and Presidents St. in downtown Baltimore. (Directions) Off-street parking is available. For more information call the rectory at 410-962-5078.

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Lent: A Season of Loss, A Promise of Renewal

Whether we are grieving the loss of a loved one or simply navigating change in our lives or the world, we all feel loss. Physician, theologian and St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute faculty Dr. Pat Fosarelli speaks to us about how to let go in this Wednesday night three-part series. 
Feb. 28 – Snow & Setting Out – To emerge from loss as renewed, why must we grieve?
March 7
Fog & Warmer Days – If renewal is so wonderful, why is grief so hard?
March 14 – Greening & Letting Go – How do we move on? How are renewal and growth possible in the face of loss?
All events will start with a bread and soup supper at 6:30 PM. Events will begin at 7:30 PM.

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Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Lori

Archbishop Lori has written a Pastoral Letter titled The Enduring Power of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Principals of Nonviolence. The Archbishop sees the letter as a pastoral tool in parishes and a springboard for preaching about racism and Dr. King’s principles of nonviolent direct action.  You can read the letter here.

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Sign Up for St. V’s Weekly Newsletter

Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter! Weekly issues feature news about St. Vincent, communications from staff, events at the parish, a reflection or prayer from Fr. Ray, and the readings for the upcoming Sunday.  If you wish to receive This Week @ St. Vincent, use this subscription link to sign up. You can see all the past issues of the newsletter here.


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Stations of the Cross

Wednesday, February 21, 7:30 PM





Walk the Way of Sorrows with the words of Oscar Romero.
We will take a different route on our pilgrimage this year, beginning in the Gathering Space of the church, and proceeding to the undercroft. These candid renditions of the Stations (see images above), stored away for many years in our upper Sacristy, will provide us with simple, unadorned images of the path we will follow. They were last used in the 1960’s, when the undercroft previously served every Sunday as a chapel.  All are invited to bring your own cross or crucifix (if you wish) to carry as we pray, sing, and meditate together.  Join us for soup and bread in the dining room at 6:30 PM.

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Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow, Feb. 14. St. V will have its traditional evening (7:30 PM) and afternoon (12 PM) services. Both Masses will be in the undercroft. Because of the location, the evening service will be a bit different than our traditional Ash Wednesday Service (pictured), but it will still involve fire. The evening service’s fire (to create the ashes) will be in the flame sculpture in the parking lot. All are encouraged to participate, but you are also welcome stay inside.

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A Common Goal of Love

It is unusual to have Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, fall on February 14th, Valentine’s Day.  This conjunction of these two days may, at first sight, seem to be a bit odd.  I believe, with deeper reflection, there is a nuance to Lent that is revealed through the celebration of Valentine’s Day!

To begin the discipline of carefully, thoughtfully and honestly looking at ourselves and the way we live life is a truly loving act.  In loving the real truth about ourselves we are encouraged and emboldened to seek out, understand and discard whatever is inconsistent with that truth.  This life-changing process which we dedicate ourselves to during the season of Lent can lead not only to the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus but to the “rising” of our own deepest truths to be lived out in creative and loving ways.  It is here that Lent and Valentine’s Day join in a common goal, again.  Continue reading

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Social Ministry Convocation

You are welcome to join St. V at the Annual Social Ministry Convocation on March 3 for a day of prayer, education, and solidarity to inspire and renew us in living out Catholic Social Teaching and working for a peaceful and just society. This year it will be at Mercy High School, 1300 E. Northern Parkway from 8AM – 4PM. For a full schedule and the link to register ($15 cost), click here!

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2017: A Time of Beginnings and Endings

This would be one way to describe 2017 at St. Vincent.  Through it all, our community has continued to thrive in our worship:  We’ve had baptisms, weddings, and funerals. We’ve come together for cherished, traditional events, like Seder, Easter Vigil, First Communion, and the parish retreat. We have also started some new initiatives.   To remind us, here’s a quick rundown of the events of 2017 in the life of this parish.


We began the year celebrating the Eucharist each week with guest presiders while our pastor, Fr. Dick Lawrence, recovered from a fall. These visiting priests, many of them Jesuits, gave us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves as Church through the new perspectives and insights they brought.  In February, Fr. Dick officially retired. He joined us for one last Mass as pastor just before the start of Lent.  (He returned to his home in Harbor East six weeks later.) Continue reading

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Fr. Ray on Our Latest Banner

Welcome to our website!  And thank you for taking the time to join us for an ongoing exploration of  the message on our new banner on the back of our church:


“I was a stranger and you welcomed me…”

The truth is:  we are all intimately aware of what it is like to be stranger.  In some particular moment and to varying degrees each of us has actually experienced, often viscerally, what it is like to be recognized as and treated as stranger.

Please click here to share with us your own experience of what it feels like to be considered a stranger by another.  In sharing our experiences with one another our understanding of being-a-stranger will be deepened and expanded.  As it does, our capacity to experience and have compassion for the one who is “other” will develop and blossom.  Then, the words of our sign will be true for each of us…someone was a stranger but is no longer because you and I welcomed them.

We, the Community of St. Vincent’s Church, are deeply committed to social justice both through our weekly celebration of Liturgy and in our day to day activities.  If you would like to learn more about us, please accept this invitation to visit.

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Sunday Centering Prayer

If you would like to take a big step on your journey to a deeper spirituality, consider practicing Centering Prayer. This form of meditation in the Christian tradition is a simple practice of sitting quietly and being open to the presence of God. The practitioner selects a word or phrase to assist in letting go of thoughts, feelings and sensations and returning to an openness to God. Centering prayer can have many specific benefits, but the greatest is the deepening of one’s encounter with God that changes and enlarges one’s perspective, enabling the practitioner to be truly compassionate toward others, as Jesus teaches. YouTube has short explanatory videos by Fr. Thomas Keating and longer ones by Cynthia Bourgeault.

Centering Prayer can be practiced in a group or alone, but a group setting is a good way to start.  St. V’s group meets on first and third Sundays at 8:45 AM for 30 minutes. Group meets in the classroom near the parking lot. You can also enter through the church to find the classroom.

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New Site for Banner Magnets

St. V has set up an online shop with CafePress where individuals can purchase a St. V magnet and have it shipped directly to them. If your desire for St. V swag transcends magnets, we also have these designs on tote bags, coffee mugs, and the like. If you have ideas about other products you’d like to see in the shop, email the parish office at parishoffice@stvchurch.org. 


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