Read About the South Africa Higher Education Fund (SAHEF)

Click HERE to read “Some Kind of Miracle,” parishioner Sylvia Eastman’s account of the birth of SAHEF, which provides scholarship money for students from the village where Sylvia taught in 2006.
Included at the end of the history is a list of recipients, their many areas of study, and the degrees they have acquired over 12 years of the project. Both tuition and living expenses are provided to students seeking professional degrees.
If you would like to make a donation of any amount, write a check to St. Vincent de Paul Church (put SAHEF in the “for/memo” line) and mail it to SAHEF, 5821 Halwyn Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21212. Please do not put it in the collection plate. Thank you!

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Words to Live Into

Come see the brand new banner on the exterior of our beautiful old church. The words, drawn from the parish Mission Statement, proclaim how we commit to love, serve and challenge one another. We hope and believe that this commitment will have resonance for the larger communities of which our parish is a part: our neighborhood, our city, our nation, and the community of the entire People of God. While you’re here, ask for a tour of the church. Or join us for a weekday Noon service, or a weekend Mass. See in our liturgies how we have found that the mind of Jesus is expansive, welcoming, warm, liberating, and affirming! Read the entire parish Mission Statement here.

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