With Love From St. V’s

Dear Friends and Visitors,
One way St. V’s fosters spiritual togetherness during this time of social distancing is with weekly Scripture reflections written by our parishioners. Please see this week’s reflection below, and read all of the reflections here.

Gather for in-person Sunday Mass at 10 AM. Due to Covid19-imposed space limitations, please register if you plan to come, or call the Parish Office (410-962-5078) by Friday 6 PM.

Join us from home! Sunday 10AM Mass is also live-streamed on YouTube at Sunday Mass.

Please note: All our live streamed services are recorded and available on St. Vs YouTube Channel at: Recorded Services

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A Gospel Reflection for the Feast of Christ the King

by Audrey Rogers

What if Jesus didn’t really finish this story of the Last Judgment? I heard this question posed on a podcast. What if it wasn’t a blueprint for the end of time after all?  After all, Jesus only gave us one law: love one another. His whole ministry was helping people see they were not separate from the Source of their Being, that they were being held in Love. So why would the world end with such a radical judgment? Rather, consider Jesus as a wisdom teacher, not a lawgiver. 

Read the rest of Audrey’s reflection here.

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To My Fellow Pilgrims

From the Pastor

Reflections on our Covid-imposed pilgrimage and journey.

It’s been just over six months since the coronavirus inserted itself so deeply into our lives. From the beginning we have struggled to find ways to sustain our spiritual lives even as we suffered our distancing from one another. Our faith intimated to us that it might even be possible our spiritual lives could find an opportunity to grow while thrusting down deeper roots.

With thoughtfulness we chose the symbol of the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage as a guide for our movements in Church. It was a practical choice, i.e. we needed guidance regarding our movements around church as a safeguard against spreading Covid-19. It was also a spiritual choice because we had the sense our journey through this troublesome time might hold an opportunity to be a pilgrimage for each of us as individuals and for us as the parish-community of St. Vincent’s.

If we see and experience this time as a pilgrimage, there are some things to be on the lookout for and be mindful of.

Read the rest of Pastor Ray Chase’s words HERE.

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St. Vincent’s Response to the Crisis in the Church 2018

The parishioners of St. Vincent’s share a deep concern over the crises of abuse and lack of accountability in the Church, and the culture that contributed to this terrible situation. Committed to healing, justice, and peace, we call for, and work towards, the ecclesial and social change we so greatly need. Read information and updates on the work of the Parish and St. Vincent’s Committee on Church Reform 2018.

Vision Statement We, the People of God, are birthing a more transparent and collaborative Church. Mission Statement We show up to initiate and grow transformative, reciprocal, and engaged relationships among laity, religious, and clergy.   We hope to create and sustain meaningful change in the power dynamics and the structure of the Church.   We will work toward the restoration and healing necessary due to the sexual abuse of children by priests and its cover-up.

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