St. Vincent’s Bulletin

Each month, St. V produces a monthly issue (pictured) that features at least one longer article as well as general information about the parish. Weekly a one-page insert focuses on news and information for the current week.

Deadline for Submissions: Weekly issue is Wednesdays by 10 PM; monthly bulletin is the third Sunday of the month.

September Monthly Bulletin

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What Happens at a Pastor’s Installation?

We hope all members of the parish will join us as Archbishop Lori presides at this special Mass on Aug. 20 at 10 AM. This is an interactive event, and more than simply a ceremony between the archbishop and the pastor. The community of St. Vincent is called upon to welcome the new pastor, even as he pledges to seek its guidance.

During the Mass, Archbishop Lori presents the parish staff, parish council and the corporators of the parish to Fr. Ray, who agrees to work in a spirit of mutual trust and attentiveness, and to seek their counsel in the pastoral care of the parish. Fr. Ray then renews the oath of fidelity he took at his ordination and leads us in the Nicene Creed. When Mass is over we will gather in fellowship, with cake to supplement our “something sweet to nibble on.”

Order of the Installation

  • Reading of the Gospel
  • Presentation of the Pastor to the Congregation
  • Homily by Archbishop Lori
  • Presentation of Staff
  • Presentation of Parish Council
  • Presentation of Corporators
  • Nicene Creed
  • Oath of Fidelity
  • Universal Prayer
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Our Jesuit Volunteer Says Goodbye to St. V

by Codie Perry

As I set out to write this farewell, it seemed daunting to try and come up with exact message that I could leave you with. I racked my brain on what I wanted to say, what insight I could part to you. After all, I am just a recent college graduate with little real world experience, who has only read about poverty in economic textbooks, studied nonprofit structures in business classes, and heard long lectures on the theology of the Catholic church.

I was intimidated at trying to find what insight could I possibly offer. And so for the past couple weeks, I would try to just sit in silence and listen to the small stirrings in my heart, searching for that piece of gold and have that light bulb go off. But the same thing came up again and again. It was neither overly inspirational nor emotionally stirring. And so here it is: Continue reading

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Homeless Jesus Coming to St. Vincent

Homeless Jesus by Timothy Schmalz

UPDATE: Last fall we learned that the Archdiocese had chosen St. V as the site for the Homeless Jesus bronze by Timothy Schmalz. Recently St. V received confirmation about the time frame for the installation. We expect to dedicate it during our celebration of the Feast of St. Vincent, Sept. 24. We will likely have one Mass that day. If you would like to be involved in planning the liturgy or festivities, contact Colleen McCahill at

As part of his letter to the congregation on the the retirement of our pastor, Archbishop Lori announced that a bronze statue known as “Homeless Jesus,” given to the Archdiocese by an anonymous donor, will be installed on the grounds of St. Vincent. The artist Timothy Schmalz says, this work is “a visual representation of Matthew 25. The sculpture suggests that Christ is with the most marginalized in our society.”

The original sculpture was installed in Toronto in 2013, and now casts of it have been placed around the world including one in Rome in front of the Papal Offices of Charities. However, not all cities have welcomed such a visible reminder of our society’s most vulnerable members.

We at St. Vincent, however, are delighted that the Archbishop chose our parish as the home of this statue in Baltimore. While we have not finalized plans for its placement, we anticipate placing it on the corner of Fayette and Front Streets, outside the fence of our park so that it can be seen by people passing by in cars.

Installation is tentatively scheduled for the fall. Currently the Archdiocese is displaying a resin replica of the statue in the Basilica. That replica will be displayed in parishes throughout the Archdiocese in the coming months. When the Archdiocese returns it to the artist, work will begin on the bronze version to be placed here.

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St. V’s Easter Vigil 2017

St. Vincent’s all night Easter Vigil is a beautiful liturgy. All are welcome, yet many cannot partake. As John Chrysostom, in his fourth century Easter sermon, explained, when it comes to attendance at the Easter Vigil:

If any have labored from the first hour,
Let them receive today their just reward.
If any have come after the third hour,
Let them now be thankful that the feast is at hand,
If any have waited until after the sixth hour,
Let them not be anxious, no loss shall be their own.
If any have tarried until the ninth hour,
Let them draw near also, shedding all their doubts.
If any have come only after the eleventh hour,
Let them not be fearful because of their delay.
For the Master is bountiful
and receives the last even as the first.

And today we have the internet for those unable to join us for any part of the the night. See the texts of the Vigil Reflections below:


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