Be Missionary Disciples Survey

LightBrightlyVisible_MenuIn his pastoral letter, A Light Brightly Visible, Archbishop Lori invites us to “be missionary disciples” and to consider what being a “missionary disciple” calls you to do personally and what it calls our parish to do.

And so, the Archdiocesan parish planning process, called Be Missionary Disciples, draws on this letter. It begins this fall with a survey of Catholics. Each parish is being asked to reach out to those who come to its services, including those who attend occasionally. The survey is not a demographic one but one that seeks to understand the spiritual needs of Catholics. The information in this survey will be useful to St. V at a parish level as we plan for our future, so we ask that everyone fill it out. The Archdiocese’s goal is for each parish to complete by mid-December.  We will make paper copies available after Masses on the weekends of Nov. 21-22 and Nov. 28-29, but if you want to take the survey online see the links below.

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St. Vincent Is Hiring

St. Vincent de Paul Church has a full-time opening for a Pastoral Associate. Under the direction of the Pastor, the Pastoral Associate shall share in the leadership of the parish in all of its life and ministry, and assume and exercise delegated authority from the Pastor for daily operational and administrative functions.


The PA should:

  • Be full-time, professionally trained and vocationally dedicated parish minister.
  • Have a deep commitment to the Gospel, the Catholic tradition, and the vision of Vatican II.
  • Have a strong sense of community, a deep belief in lay ministry, and good collaborative skills.
  • Be able to collaborate with the Pastor and Parish Council; and be supervised by the Pastor.
  • Have an M.Div or a Master’s degree in Theology or the close equivalent.
  • Have some experience in pastoral ministry and a desire to grow in this area. More extensive experience is a plus.
  • Have commitment to personal continuing professional education and ministerial formation.

See the full job description. To apply send cover letter and resume/CV to

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Laudato Si’ Speaker Series

STV-BANNER600In June Pope Francis issued his encyclical Laudato Si’,  a stirring call to action for all of us  to save “our common home”. The encyclical covers much more than simply climate change, exploring subjects such as biodiversity, clean water and the disproportionate effects environmental degradation of the poor. This fall St. Vincent, and its co-sponsor St. Ignatius Catholic Community, examined  the encyclical with a three-part speaker series. Read More >

See all three events with Dr. Stephen Scharper Dr. John Haught, and Dr. Mary Eveyln tucker on St. V’s YouTube Channel.

Second Event with Dr. John Haught:

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Hear the Cry of the Earth and of the Poor

In this a brief quote from Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment Laudato Si’, Francis starts with an old psalm verse, “The Lord hears the cry of the poor.”

HearBannercropThen he turns it around. He drops the reference to the Lord and changes the mood of the verb from indicative to imperative. So what started out as an acclamation of trust in God now becomes a challenge to us.

We know that God hears the cry of the poor. But do we? Or are we so deafened by the roar of global Continue reading

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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Have you been thinking about RCIA? Don’t have the faintest idea what that is? Know someone who may be interested? The RCIA program for folks who think they might, maybe, perhaps want to become Catholic . . . or be confirmed . . . or learn more about their faith will be starting soon. For information on this year’s RCIA program at St. Vincent, which begins in a few weeks, contact Anne Maura English at (

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“The Dung of the Devil”

Does that sound like something you once got punished for calling your little brother? Properly raised grown-ups refrain from even thinking language like that, much less using it. Unless you happen to be Pope.        Pope_Francis_in_March_2013

In the most important speech (the format and the footnotes set it apart from other, less formal talks) of his trip back home to Latin America, Pope Francis addressed a group of leaders of popular movements of students, workers, campesinos and others. He denounced the injustices of the global structure today, and the violence done to the people and the planet by rapacious greed.

The “dung of the devil” phrase, by the way, Continue reading

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Pope Francis Takes On Climate Change (and a Lot More) In Latest Encyclical

Laudato Si is mediaeval Italian for “Praised be You.” It is also the title of the Hymn of Creation of St. Francis of Assisi. And it is now also the title of Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment.

The Pope follows his namesake in combining his concern for the poor and for the whole created world. He points out in prose that more than once leaps into poetry that God’s love and concern envelop all, whereas human selfishness despoils Sister Earth with the same technologically-enabled acquisitiveness that so thoroughly suppresses our human brothers and sisters.

It is a stirring call to action and will generate much discussion and no little opposition.  Read it, even if you have to read it a little at a time (it is bit long).

We as a parish are planning a comprehensive response to the encyclical. Our summer series of liturgies based on Beth Johnson’s Ask the Beasts will provide a good background, as will a careful reading of that book. We will have a new sign on the west side of the church building within two weeks, and a new set of car/refrigerator magnets to match.

See what Pope Francis has to say about humanity’s relationship with our creator and our planet. The new encyclical, Laudato Si,  covers much more than climate change including biodiversity, clean water and the disproportion effects environmental degradation of the poor.

Read it here.

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Restored Model of St. V

As part of St. V’s celebration of the 175th anniversary of the laying of its cornerstone, we put on display this now-restored model of the church, dating from the 1930s, at all Masses this weekend (May 23-24). IMG_0180_

The work was done by parishioner Tom Hyatt, a VP at MICA. The reason the model was built or who made it is unknown; however it has been displayed every Christmas season in our window decorations. Time had taken its toll on the cardboard model, , as this “before” picture clearly demonstrates, and Tom graciously agreed to restore it. Come see the “after pictures” in person!

Here’s what Tom had to say about the work:IMG_0188

I was asked by Barbara Hodnett if I would be willing to work on repairing some of the models used at Christmas time. Continue reading

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