St. V Joins One Water Partnership

Through this program by Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake (IPC), St. V will join with other congregations in the Jones Falls Watershed to help protect our waterways and delve more deeply into our work of caring for creation. In this two-year partnership, we will plan and take part in various environmentally and spiritually focused activities.

As one of the 15 congregations invited to join, St. V will participate in a visioning session with IPC. We will commit to a covenant to care for watershed, create a “green ministry,” implement at least one environmental physical project and three educational, spiritual or other actions related to conserving our planet.

Joining comes with a grant, which we will use to help launch a green ministry here at St. V. To be on an email list for the forming green ministry, email Laureen Brunelli at

Spiritual Nature Walks

The first group event will be a series nature walks in city parks to learn about what’s happening to our local watershed and the web of life that depends on. Join other St. V members for the first one is Sat. March 25 10 AM @ Druid Hill Par­kSuitable for all ages and fitness levels. To RSVP to the walk click here.

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