An Occasional Conversation: An Opportunity for Deep Dialogue

This parishioner-led initiative seeks to bring together people interested in engaging in deep and conscious speech (i.e. dialogue) on topics the group considers to be critical issues of our day. Each event will feature a film screening as the prompt for the Conversations. We will share thoughts, exchange ideas, express concerns, and encourage and support each other.   The “Conversations” are not designed as a series, as each film can be screened independently. However, the topic of a conversation may be revisited in multiple screenings. In this way, we may introduce and examine an issue then look at it through the lens of other cinematic treatments.

St V parishioner diaedre is steward of “An Occasional Conversation.” All inquiries and suggestions should be directed to her at Each event will have facilitator(s). All are invited to join in this opportunity for honest and authentic conversations.


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