Brief Bios for Parish Council Elections 2018

This weekend, (May 12-13) St. Vincent’s  9:30 and 7:15 Congregations will elect Parish Council representatives. The nominees for 9:30 are Ned Banks, Maureen Daly, Amber Hendricks, Kathy Jeffra, and Peggy Shouse. At 7:15, Chris Whitney is the nominee. Click the link below to read their bios and vote online.

Nominees for Parish Council Representatives     

May 2018

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9:30 Mass

Ned Banks
I’ve been a member of St. V’s since 2012 and I credit our parish and its parishioners with my own spiritual growth and faith formation. I hold the great honor of having been the first person baptized in our baptismal font in 2014! I’m fortunate to have been called to be a Eucharistic Minister and have been humbled by that experience of being able to serve our community. I assisted with recording the homilies. Joining the parish council would give me the opportunity to give back to the community that so lovingly welcomed me. I believe it is our duty to share our time and talents. My wife Giuliana and I were married at St. V’s in 2013 and are parents to 3 cats.  I am an active member of the Latino Racial Justice Circle and IRIS Baltimore, a Latinx social support group.  I work in the IT field and enjoy writing and gaming with friends.

Maureen Daly
…has been a member of the parish since 1996, I am active in Peace and Justice and in Women in Ministry. On behalf of the parish, I have visited our sister parish in Limay, Nicaragua, 5 times and I have represented the parish in BRIDGE Maryland for 8 years. I have a Masters in Theology from St. Mary’s Seminary Ecumenical Institute.

Amber Hendricks
…believes in a relationship with God that is creative, incarnational, and transformative.  She has served in many capacities in her previous church homes.  She was a choir member for 10 years in the Wesleyan church.  She served as a youth group leader and was an active member of her church’s Anti-Racism Committee while attending Chestnut Hill United Church in Philadelphia, PA.  She was a Eucharistic minister in the Episcopal church.  In 2006, she spent a year going through discernment for the Episcopal priesthood before leaving to instead further her social work education by pursuing masters’ degrees in Social Service and Law and Social Policy.  She felt called to pursue social work as a vocation from 1999 – 2015.  In 2015, she left social work for Healthcare IT in order prioritize her family.  She lives with her husband, Chuck, and step-daughter, Hazel (7), and converted to Catholicism in 2014.  Her prayer is that if elected, God will use her to bless and grow our church membership.  She is excited to experience how God will continue to work through St. Vincent’s in the coming years.

Kathy Jeffra (bio not available)

Peggy Shouse
…is a retired Librarian who has been a parishioner at St. Vincent’s since 1981.  She taught the preschool children in the Faith, Fun, Fellowship program from its beginning until about 10 years ago.  She has a Master’s Degree in Theology and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Spirituality from St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore.  She is an active member of the Education & Enrichment Committee and the Women in Ministry working group.  She has previously served on the Parish Council while she was Chair of the Education & Enrichment committee.

7:15 Mass

Chris Whitney
Born and raised in a Catholic family, I attended parochial schools in Chicago before earning degrees in economics at Holy Cross College and the University of Notre Dame.  I began my professional career working in community development in the Pimlico neighborhood of Baltimore in 1990. My wife, Monica and our young sons attended St. Pius X parish in Towson.

Over the past 28 years, our family has grown – we now have 3 young adult sons — and we have moved across the country and world, before returning to Baltimore in the fall of 2017.  Professionally, I have worked for the past 30 years for nonprofit organizations to assist families living in poverty.

During the first half of my career I worked for a number of community-based organizations in Baltimore; Flint, Michigan; and Washington, DC addressing affordable housing and economic development.  Since 2002, I have worked to assist families living in the third world.  For the past 11 years, I have worked at World Vision, one of the world’s largest faith-based international relief and development organizations.  Having served is a number of positions supporting programs in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, I have been blessed to partner with children, families, communities, churches, and mosques in their journeys out of poverty—witnessing the changes that are possible when all work together for the betterment of children’s health, education, protection and improved livelihood opportunities for teens and adults. I continue to work with World Vision in their Washington, DC office as Senior Director for Strategy and Operations.

Returning to Baltimore City after 24 years, Monica and I are so pleased to have found St. Vincent de Paul parish and the 7:15 pm liturgy.  A small but mighty group, drawn even closer together by gathering for mass in the vestibule over the past several months, we are pleased to be a part of a community putting the gospel into action.

If elected, I would be honored to represent our small, but passionate congregation on the Parish Council.

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