Happy New Year!

Attending to one’s spirit in the celebration of New Year’s Eve and Day 2019…and beyond!

“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

This quote by the mystic Meister Eckert seems to fit well as we begin this New Year especially in the context of the various resolutions we may make. We all have our personal histories with New Year’s Resolutions! We all seek to start something new. But in a few weeks or months many of us will be joking or lamenting about how quickly those resolutions are forgotten or given up. And the question is raised, seriously, why we weren’t successful with our “new” we began with such hope.

For as frustrating as this can be for us it does provide each of us who encounter the poor and homeless regularly here at St. Vincent’s with some real insight to those who seek us out with their dreams and hopes of change and yet so often repeatedly fall back into the same old patterns that are so dissatisfying. This insight offers us the opportunity for gaining wisdom.

There are many pundits who offer their perspectives and insights as to why so many of us give up on our resolutions. It occurred to me that one of those reasons may actually be we simply have not made the right resolution! The root of any change in one’s life lies somewhere within one’s own heart. If we can’t sustain our resolutions perhaps it is due to the reality that there is some aspect of our own hearts that need our attention…our understanding…our “resolution” to care for tenderly. I suspect that if we can each attend to our own hearts and our hearts’ needs then those “other” resolutions we make on New Year’s have a greater chance of success.

Again, such attention to our own hearts will provide us with an important and practical wisdom that will enable us to be even more helpful to those who seek us out for assistance and companionship here at St.Vincent’s. It may be that in the revealing of our hearts – ever re-newed –we might enable those who come to us, so often hopeless, to discover they, too, must and can allow their own hearts to be carefully examined and changed.

Happy New Year to all!!
Fr. Ray

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