New Exterior Signs for St V’s coming spring 2019

Our parish is the happy recipient of a grant from the Baltimore National Heritage Area. The grant is to be used to install new exterior signs. These will help our neighbors in Baltimore to know a little more about us. The signs will be installed in the spring. They will be sturdy, made of wood with metal posts, and faced with acrylic. One will be installed at each corner of St. V’s campus.
     Two corners will also include a smaller interpretive sign, with information about the history of the church building and the parish. Additionally, two of the signs will be built to accommodate a changeable vinyl banner above. These can be used to let the larger community know of special events at the church, or to give viewers approaching from different directions a version of the banner on the back (west) wall of the church. 

The text of each sign as proposed reads:

Welcome to Historic St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church 

Dedicated 1841


There is also an oval image on each sign that indicates that St. Vincent’s is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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