Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Jim Casey

Reflection on the Scriptures 2 Kings 4:8-16 Romans 6:3-11 Matthew 10:37-42

God rewards those who are faithful and loyal. Nothing good happens to those who are disloyal or unfaithful. Those are the lessons taught by today’s readings.  

Faithfulness and loyalty are great virtues, but they are not the greatest of the virtues.  Perhaps they have been overemphasized.

In today’s first reading from Second Kings, about the prophet Elisha, an unnamed woman of influence is kind to Elisha. The woman recognizes that Elisha is a man of God. She invites him to dinner once and then gives him a standing invitation to dine with her whenever he is in town. She provides him with a room reserved for him in her home. He is free to use it any time. Elisha learns that her greatest wish is to give birth to a son. God grants Elisha’s request that she be given a son.  

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