27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A Reflection on the Day’s Scriptures: The Vineyard Parables

In the Gospel’s vineyard parable, Jesus tells of a man who builds an exemplary vineyard. He leases it out to tenants. The arrangement is that the tenants will give the owner some of their produce as rent. When the owner sends his servants to collect the produce, the tenants abuse them, killing one of them. Then the owner sends his son. The tenants murder his son as well. Jesus asks, “What will the owner do to these wicked tenants?” The chief priests and elders answer that the owner will kill the tenants and find new ones who will give him the produce due to him. Jesus tells them: “the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit.”

Applying these parables to myself, I imagine my parents saying, “I’m disappointed in you.” That phrase hurt me more than any punishment. “Look at all we have done for you, and this is how you thank us?”

Read the rest of Jim Casey’s reflection here.

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