Reflection from the Sunday Scriptures

2nd Ordinary Sunday: January 17, 2021

by James Casey

Samuel was called by God in today‚Äôs first reading.  Jesus called Peter in the Gospel. Few of us are called in such a dramatic way. Each of us has a vocation, a calling. Many of us have more than one. You may be called to be a teacher, a parent or a leader in your parish, your community or your society. 

We often pray that more people will discern a vocation to the priesthood or the religious life. This is important. We have far too few choosing this kind of life. We should also pray for lay people who are willing to serve as Church leaders. 

Similarly, we should pray for good people to serve the public in elective office. Recently we have witnessed what results when elected officials dedicate themselves to self-service rather than public service. 

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