Who: Every Sunday beginning at 9:15 AM, St. Vincent’s is glad to provide care for infants and toddlers of those parents participating in the 9:30 AM Mass. Our hope and intent is that children take advantage of Liturgy of the Word for Children during Mass when they are 4 years of age and older. However infants and toddlers are not ready for that; and sometimes older children are not in the mood for it. The nursery provides parents with a safe environment of care for their children, while affording them the opportunity for spiritual nourishment through participation in the Mass.

Safety: Our goal is to provide a safe, secure and loving environment for your children. Our nursery staff is experienced in child care and has been through the normal background checks and STAND training required of any employee in the Archdiocese.

Where: Our nursery is located in the front of the rectory on the first floor. It can be accessed from the church by going into the rectory and turning right. Walk to the front door of the rectory and you will come to a doorway on your left, just before the front door.  You will find a large nursery space in which children can play.  It is also close to the church so you can check on your child during Mass if you feel the need to.

How: Each parent is asked to sign their child in and out and leave a cell phone number, so the care giver can send a text message in case of an emergency. We also ask what your preference is in terms of diaper changes. There is a place on the sign in form to indicate your preference of yes to change, or no not to change.