Men’s Cursillo

Contact: Don Radke
Phone: 443-844-5187

St. Vincent’s has a group of men who made the Cursillo and continue grouping regularly. Cursillo Cross There are two groups: one meets early Saturday morning in Catonsville and the other meets on Tuesday evening near Roland Park. The purpose of Cursillo is to nourish Christian individuals with the knowledge of God’s love and grace and to help them discover their personal mission in the world so they may enjoy the fullness of Christian life. The Cursillo movement provides the tools, mentality, strength, and support to live life in a Christ-like manner. Cursillo can help develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be fully Catholic by being fully Christian.

If you have made a Cursillo and wish to join the group or if you want more information on Cursillo or how to make a Cursillo, please contact Don Radke.