Social Action

Chair: Peggy Meyer, 410-539-7309
Vice-Chair: Ray Heil

Meetings: 7:00 p.m., 3rd Tuesday of each month at St. Vincent’s education center.

San Juan de Limay - three boysThe Social Action Committee’s mission is to broaden and support the range of programs and activities that further St. Vincent’s social justice mission.
We work at the levels of volunteer work, organizational change, and political change to further our social justice goals. We support existing parish social justice programs, provide volunteer opportunities, and seek to identify unmet needs in the community, city, and region, and devise strategies to meet those needs. We strive to celebrate the social justice work of the parish, particularly through the social action liturgy each September on the feast of our patron, St. Vincent de Paul. Here is a Friday night dinner.

Lines form for dinner

Recent initiatives of the Social Action Committee include establishing The Resource Exchange to furnish apartments for newly housed individuals and providing volunteer opportunities for recovering addicts currently without a home.

Committee membership is open to all parish members.