High School Faith Formation

Contact: Chris McCullough
Email: chrism@stvchurch.org

Preparation of youth is of critical importance in this transitional time of life.  Therefore our program seeks to embrace our youth on their journey of life and their questioning of the world and give them a space to wonder, challenge, think about their faith in a safe place where their voice can be heard and valued.  Within this group, there is the opportunity for those seeking the sacrament of Confirmation to be prepared for and receive this sacrament.

Since this sacrament is not a “graduation” from all things church related, we have integrated the preparation for this sacrament into the wider reality of the responsibility that all young people have for living out their faith.  Therefore older high school aged individuals who have received the sacrament can mentor/be peer advisers for younger ones.  In this way we seek to build a community of faith within their peer group which lives within and is supported by the greater body of our worshiping community.

As part of this formation process we try to instill how our community lives it mission and vision of being a community transformed by word and sacrament for service.  To that end, service is not an added component to the program, but rather constitutive element of it.  It will help them mature and grow and help them understand how they are to develop into a thoughtful, compassionate person of faith who embraces service as part of who they are.

Meetings occur during the regularly scheduled Faith Fun Fellowship time (the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month).