Hospitality Team

Coordinator: Arthur Jones

We as a parish strive to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere and extend it to all who come to our church.  Particular attention and care is given to reach out to visitors and newcomers.  This is our expression of who we are as a People of Faith.  But here at St. V’s, hospitality is not a committee; it is a calling and a commitment for all of us.

WelcomeOur 9:30 Sunday Mass has Door greeters who extend the initial welcome and Bulletin distributors. Visitors are welcomed by the Cantor as she calls order and invited by the Welcome Lady to stay after mass and have coffee and share our spirit of Christ. During the Sign of Peace many parishioners extend a handshake to the person sitting next to them or a hug to a friend in another aisle. Parishioners are invited to join the team!