Married Couples

Coordinators: Susan and Peter LaCount

St. Vincent’s Married Couples Group started in 1995 because we believe in marriage. It has been a challenge, a comfort, a delight, a mystery. Every stage of our life together has presented us new and profound lessons on what the meaning of living marriage as a sacrament truly entails. We believe that our relationship is sustained by commitment, attention, and loving kindness.

The couples in our group cover the whole age and experience range: some of us have children, some do not, some are balancing small children, some are launching teens, and some of us are enjoying grandchildren.

We are part of the St. V family and we stand ready to share what we hope can be our collective gentle wisdom. There are common areas that can be difficult as couples discover all the rhythms of married life. We can be stronger, happier, and more in love because of our mistakes and our choices. Our life stories are our gifts to each other.

The Married Couples’ Group at St. Vincent de Paul is an intentional small community within the larger parish family.  Our regular program consists of a one-year commitment to six meetings (three Saturday nights in the spring, two in the fall, and a half-day retreat to end the year).  The commitment, made in January/February, is only for the remainder of the calendar year. We use a book to frame discussions and couples can be as private or as open as they wish.