Pastoral Care

Contact: Cathy Bunting, 410-296-4685

Our mission as followers of Christ is to allow God to use our hearts and our hands to touch and to heal, to serve and to minister. Our goal is to become a compassionate presence by providing support/service for parish members who are in need.  This would include ministry to the sick, elderly, homebound, bereaved, dying, caregivers, help for those in crisis, and assistance in forming support groups when need is expressed. It does not involve professional service; it is a ministry of one parishioner being there for another. Compassionate listening and hospitable presence are goals.

Some of the ways in which the Pastoral Care Group responds to the needs of parishioners include:

  • Sending letters and cards of support to the families of the newly baptized and
  • Contacting by phone or mail those parishioners who we have not seen at church for a prolonged period.
  • Making Phone Calls and home visits to those parishioners who are sick, elderly, homebound, or bereaved, in order to offer assurance that their faith community will continue to stay in touch.
  • We carry the Eucharist to those who cannot receive it with the community due to illness.
  • At times we are also able to offer the nourishment and comfort of a meal.