Sts. James & John School

Students learn about natureSt. Vincent’s no longer has a school on parish property, but we, along with other parishes without schools, helped organize and support two nearby schools that no longer had a parish. This arrangement existed for years until the Archdiocesan parochial school restructuring in 2010 closed St. Katharine.  Now Sts. James and John is the only remaining African-American Catholic school in East Baltimore.

We support the inter-parochial school in several ways. First, financially: we contribute 6% of our offertory and our share of the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal to the tuition assistance fund (every family pays significant tuition, but many need some help), and our parish created a significant Endowment Fund to help with the constantly growing need for tuition assistance.

In addition, our parish has three members on the school Board, several of our parishioners volunteer to run an outstanding ecological program there, and other parishioners have assisted in providing direct labor and service to establish a school library.

Our Christmas Giving Tree for mittens for the school.