About Us

The Roman Catholic Community of St. Vincent de Paul is in the heart of downtown Baltimore, within walking distance of the Inner Harbor. Above is our Vision Statement, adopted in Advent 2022. Click here to read our parish Mission Statement. Every weekend our parishioners come from all over the city and five surrounding counties to celebrate liturgy together, even though most of us pass several other churches on our way. Why?

» because of the liturgy

We have two Masses on the weekend, each with its own character, both with a strong sense of community. We know each other, care about each other, and enjoy celebrating together. The Kiss of Peace is not a formality, but a reality. The music on Sunday is engaging, and we actually sing. Our Saturday liturgy is quieter, more meditative. We celebrate in and we proudly honor our history of the oldest and one of the most beautiful Catholic parish churches in Baltimore.

»because of the community

We are a diverse lot–different races, ethnicities, ages and professions. What we share is an awareness of our Baptismal commitment and a desire to be active in ministry. We have a wonderfully high percentages of volunteers in service to Church and community.

»because of the shared commitment to build our community on Word and Sacrament and to live our discipleship in Service

We have programs for children and adults; classes, seminars, retreats and discussion groups to deepen our understanding of Scripture and to grow in our spirituality. We have a panoply of liturgical minsters, from planners to decorators. And we have a long tradition both of direct service ministries and of advocacy for peace and justice. We attempt to be good stewards of our Earth by implementing a variety of upgrades to our facilities and programs that help conserve our planet’s natural resources.

»because of our sense of ownership

Our pastor, parish council, and committees try to provide vision and leadership, and there is plenty of room for everyone’s ideas and everyone’s ministry. If you’ve got a good idea, we’ll help you bring it to fruition.

We are a comfortable and friendly community who knows how to have fun.

We are the people of God.

We warmly welcome others to join us on the journey.