2008 Homilies

Date Speaker Feast Topic
December 28 Fr. Lawrence Holy Family A meditation on the special Star that adorns the crèche in St. Vincent’s baldichino.
December 24 Fr. Lawrence Christmas 08 – Midnight Mass We see God revealed tonight – wrapped in swaddling clothes and laying in a feedbox.
December 24 Fr. Lawrence Christmas 08 – Children’s service God becomes who we are so that we make become who he is.
December 21 Fr. Lawrence 4th Advent Waiting for the God – who
December 14 Fr. Lawrence 3rd Advent Waiting for the God – who inspires
December 7 Fr. Lawrence 2nd Advent Waiting for the God – who heals
November 30 Fr. Lawrence 1st Advent Waiting for the God – who reveals
November 23 Fr. Lawrence Christ the King Christ is king, prophet, and priest – but a king who “comes to serve, not to be served.”
November 16 Fr. Lawrence 33 Ordinary Parable of the talents – one of three at the end of Matt’s last sermon before the passion.
November 12 Fr. Lawrence Eulogy for Stephanie Scott “If there is no God, how could she live?”
November 9 Fr. Lawrence 32 Ordinary Parable of the wise & foolish virgins. Jesus is the culmination of the three great traditions of Israel – the law, the prophets, and wisdom.
November 2 Fr. Lawrence All Saints/Souls The doctrine of the Communion of Saints is alive and well despite the fact that it needs resuscitation.
October 26 Fr. Lawrence 30th Ordinary Holy Week Debate Round 5-6; Jesus v. Establishment. “What is the greatest commandment?”
October 19 Fr. Lawrence 29th Ordinary “Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” but more importantly “Give to God the things that are God’s.”
October 12 Fr. Lawrence 28th Ordinary The
multi-layered parable of the wedding feast.
October 5 Fr. Lawrence 27th Ordinary The image of the landowner and the vineyard is an metaphor for God and his people. How has it changed since Isaiah?
September 28 Fr. Lawrence Feast of St. Vincent de Paul Who is the most important person around here?
September 21 Fr. Lawrence 25 Ordinary The parable of the vineyard owner who paid those who worked one hour the same as those who worked all day – an image of God who gives us what we need, not what we deserve.
September 14 Fr. Lawrence Feast of the Holy Cross The homilist explicates one of the oldest poems/oral traditions in the Christian church – Philippians 2:6-11
September 7 Fr. Lawrence 23rd Ordinary Matthew’s sermon on the church. “Forgive one another as God has forgiven you.”
September 4 Msg. William Burke Eulogy for Christine Walter God asks her, as he will ask us, “Did you love me.”
September 3 Rick Curry, SJ Eulogy for Brother Jim Horan, SJ Bro. Horan was a “Philadelphia Catholic” – one who knew that God was in charge.
August 31 Fr. Lawrence 22nd Ordinary Jesus tells a big fish story. We pay the tax (do the deed) even though we don’t have to.
August 24 Fr. Lawrence 21st Ordinary Peter gets it right – and wrong.
August 17 Fr. Lawrence 20th Ordinary “It’s not right to throw food from the table to the dogs.” Wow!
August 10 Fr. Lawrence 19th Ordinary Peter, “Littlefaith,” walks on the waves – until he takes his eyes off Jesus, his goal. He cries out, “Lord, save me.” And He does…
August 8 Fr. Lawrence Eulogy for Mark Fulton “Why?”
August 5 Fr. Lawrence Eulogy for Anna May Organ Praise for a good life, well lived.
July 20 Fr. Lawrence 17th Ordinary
6th Wisdom
The homilist concludes the summer series on the Wisdom literature with a another go at Qoheleth.
July 13 Fr. Lawrence 15th Ordinary
5th Wisdom
Gauguin painting
The homilist begins consideration of the Book of Qoheleth (Ecceliastices). I all vanity/insubstantial as the author intimates?
July 6 Fr. Lawrence 14th Ordinary
4th Wisdom
This is the second week we consider the book of Job. Why does bad things happen to good people. The homilist offers his explanation.
June 29 Fr. Lawrence 13 Ordinary
3rd Wisdom
Job did good and expected to do well. He didn’t. Why?
June 15 Fr. Lawrence 11th Ordinary
1st Wisdom
The homilist begins today an examination of Wisdom literature, beginning with Proverbs.
June 8 Fr. Lawrence 10th Ordinary The call of Matthew. Question: When was the last time you were criticized for hanging out with ‘undesirables’?
May 25 Fr. Lawrence Corpus Christi The Body of Christ – the reason for our celebration, our gathering
May 18 Fr. Lawrence Trinity Sunday The mother mystery that makes us wonder and have faith at the same time
May 11 Fr. Lawrence Pentecost Like the Jewish celebration 50 days after Passover, Pentecost is about the covenant God makes with us, His people.
April 27 Fr. Lawrence 6th Easter Why have hope! Jesus tells us in the Gospel, “Because you and one in me, as I am one in the Father.”
April 20 Fr. Lawrence 5th Easter The homilist comments on the visit of Pope Benedict to the US.
April 13 Fr. Lawrence 4th Easter Good Shepard Sunday. We need to hear Christ calling our name when we feel like sheep, as well as when He calls us to be shepards.
April 6 Fr. Lawrence 3rd Easter We, like the disciples on the way to Emmaus, must constantly work at Seeing the Lord in Word and Sacrament.
March 30 Fr. Lawrence 2nd Easter The Easter celebration continues. Thomas, who was more rational than doubting, is a model for our forgiving others, even those who don’t deserve it..
March 23 Fr. Lawrence Easter 2008 Summary of the Easter Vigil. Christ poured himself out – even to death on a cross.
March 16 Parishioners Palm Sunday A reading of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to Matthew
March 2 Fr. Lawrence 4th Lent Jesus cures the man born blind. Is our spiritual sight like most “blind people” – neither perfect nor total?
February 24 Bishop Dennis Madden 3rd Lent Jesus at the well with the Samaritan women. The Bishop asks “Are you thirsty or do you thirst?”
February 10 Fr. Lawrence 1st Lent The Lord is tempted three times in the desert. He responds to each temptation quoting scripture. Jesus – the new Moses.The new Eve?
Janauary 27 Fr. Lawrence 3rd Ordinary We continue reading from the Gospel of Matthew – the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. The homilist explicates “Repent” which is the heart of Jesus’ message.
Janauary 20 Fr. Lawrence 2nd Ordinary The gospel recounts the baptism of Jesus a second time – this time according to John. Jesus is truly, “the Son of God” as the Baptist testifies.
Janauary 13 Fr. Lawrence Baptism of the Lord On this, the last feast of the Christmas season, Jesus is made manifest not only to the world but to Himself.
Janauary 6 Fr. Lawrence Epiphany Matthew tells the story of the magi – weaving leitmotifs into the narrative that he will develop more fully in his gospel.