ALIVE Affirming the LGBT+ community in an Inclusive, Valuing Environment
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Meetings: ALIVE meetings were suspended at the beginning of the pandemic, and have not yet begun again. 
Events: Events
Background: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church has a long history of being a welcoming parish. The ALIVE Ministry was established to continue this tradition with focus on the affirmation of the LGBT+ Community, their families and friends.
Our Vision
ALIVE aspires for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church to be recognized as an integral part of a network of faith communities who have created welcoming places of acceptance, affirmation, respect and love for all persons regardless of gender or sexual identity.
Our Mission
The ALIVE ministry assists the parish of St. Vincent de Paul in serving the spiritual needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender+ individuals, their families and friends, in affirming their intrinsic value and self-worth, and in welcoming them into full participation in our faith community.
Key Goals and Objectives
* Create a welcoming and safe LGBT+ environment that is visible within our parish and to the public.
* Conduct regularly scheduled meetings open to all LGBT+ persons and their allies of any faith tradition.
* Plan and promote LGBT+ themed outreach events.
* Organize discussion groups to share stories, spiritual needs and concerns.
* Provide education and information regarding LGBT+ topics and issues.
* Promote opportunities to address LGBT+ social justice issues.
* Network and build relationships with other LGBT+ ministries within the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the U.S. Catholic Church, and other faith communities to advance our common vision and mission.
ALIVE Announcement & Celebration Mass June 2, 2019
After Mass Celebration in the undercroft
ALIVE with St. Vs group at the 2019 Baltimore PRIDE Parade
Members of the ALIVE Ministry attending the Dignity/Washington Mass on August 25, 2019
Movie Night Sept 18, 2019 – State of PRIDE
“A Night of Sharing” on October 23, 2019″
“A Night of Sharing” on October 23, 2019″

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