Women in Ministry

Vision statement
As prophets proclaiming the Christian message, we hope for the inclusion of women in all aspects of the life of the Church, including all roles of leadership, to shape the mission of the Church.

Mission statement
Women in Ministry is a group of women who believe that, through Baptism, women as well as men are called to ministries in the Church. In solidarity and through prayer and action, we serve our Church community by:
~  Promoting the liberating message of the Gospel.
~  Sharing women’s wisdom and perspective.
~  Increasing the awareness of sexism within the Catholic community.
~  Working to eradicate unjust policies that prevent all of God’s people from using their gifts, including as ordained deacons and priests.

Contact: Mary Catherine Bunting, 410-296-4685
Email: women-in-ministry@stvchurch.org

Women in Ministry meets one evening each month at a member’s home or by Zoom for discussion of readings, preparation of retreats, prayer, and sharing a sense of community. The group participates in a weekend retreat each year. When issues arise in the Church, the group prepares a written response.

Sharing life stories gives concrete examples of God’s grace in our lives. We encourage and learn from one another, and grow in relationship with God and each other. This group is open to all women in the parish. Members take turns facilitating and hosting meetings. There is no chairperson. For information about how to join or meeting times and locations use the above contact information.