Children & Youth

Contact: Anne Gibson, 410-323-0268

When an infant is baptized here at St. Vincent’s, our pastor turns to the entire congregation and asks us if we are willing to help the parents bring the child to the faith. We take our affirmative response seriously. We provide a variety of activities through which each child can grow in the understanding of the faith and the love of the liturgy. Children interact with our parishioners whose volunteer efforts sustain our programs and find role models for empowered and involved laity.

We believe that our parish community needs to be one of the social institutions which shape the identity of the youth in our midst. To that end and in collaborating with parents, we strive for a youth program that incorporates content and experiences (such as liturgical involvement, prayer, meditation, and community) service that promote the characteristics of positive youth development: competence, confidence, connection, character, and caring.