2010 Homilies

Date Speaker Feast Topic
December 26 Fr. Lawrence Feast of the Holy Family We make our own holy family by taking the family we’ve got and making the most of it.
December 25 Fr. Lawrence Christmas – Day Mass “In the beginning was the Word…” He became fully human so that we may become fully divine…
December 25 Fr. Lawrence Christmas – Midnight Mass She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a “feedbox”…
December 19 Fr. Lawrence 4th Advent Chritmas stories of Matthew and Luke: very different but the message is the same – true God and true man.
December 12 Fr. Lawrence 3rd Advent We can’t do it by ourselves. But God isn’t doing it now, either. So it’s up to us to help…
December 4 Fr. Lawrence 2nd Advent Isaiah and John the Baptist – two very different visions of the Kingdom. Are we sophisticated enough to accept both?
November 30 Fr. Lawrence 1st Advent The last things. We begin the new year where we ended the old. But it’s not a circle, it’s a spiral.
November 21 Fr. Lawrence Christ the King The last feast of the year – Luke’s year. Christ radically re-defines kingship.
November 14 Fr. Lawrence 33rd Ordinary The last things. Neither “God will get you” nor “live only in the moment.” God calls us into a future which He has been working on for millions of years.
November 7 Fr. Lawrence Feast of All Saints/Souls We believe in the Communion of Saints. One day we will ALL share in the Lord’s table.
October 31 Fr. Lawrence 31st Ordinary “Zacchaeus, come down! I need to stay at your house tonight.” Who, me?
October 17 Fr. Lawrence 29th Ordinary “Pray always.” But will God answer? He always answers “Thy kingdom come, they will be done.”
October 10 Fr. Lawrence 28th Ordinary The cure of the 10 Lepers. “Don’t tell God (He knows). Tell the world.”
October 3 Fr. Lawrence 27th Ordinary “If you have faith as tiny as a mustard seed…” What is faith?
September 19 Fr. Lawrence 25th Ordinary The Parable of the slimy servant. He is praised because he is “prudent.”
September 12 Fr. Lawrence 24 th Ordinary The Prodigal Son…God is shown as infinitely compassionate, as we are to be.
August 29 Fr. Lawrence 22nd Ordinary He who exalts himself will be humbled, he who humbles himself will be exalted. Just remember, “It not about me.”
August 22 Fr. Lawrence 21st Ordinary Jesus “longed” to go up to Jerusalem. Do we have a similar symbol? Maybe the Pope in ’78 celebrating mass at Camden Yards, or Washington in ’63 for the March on Washington. But not today. “Jerusalem, Jerusalem – as a hen gathers her chicks….”
August 15 Fr. Lawrence Feast of the Assumption Mary was taken – body AND soul – to be with her son, God, forever.
August 8 Fr. Lawrence 19th Ordinary1 & 2 Chronicles A congregational milestone. After 10 years, we read the last books of the Tenak – 1 & 2 Chronicles. God called ALL his PEOPLE to celebrate Pass-over in the restored temple – and rejoice.
August 1 Fr. Lawrence 18th OrdinaryEzra & Nehemiah Ezra the priest and Nehemiah the governor rebuild Jewish worship and Jerusalem after the Exile…
July 25 Fr. Lawrence 17th OrdinaryChildren’s Liturgy “Lord, teach us to pray…
July 18 Fr. Lawrence 16 Ordinary-Book of Daniel The message (wrapped in a vision) is “Don’t give up..”
July 11 Fr. Lawrence 15th Ordinary – Lamentations The first week of the summer series on the Tanak – the Book of Lamentations. Despite world-shattering events, the Jews continued to pray to their God.
July 4 Fr. Lawrence 14th Ordinary The 12, the 72, the church. Us. We are ALL called to spread the Gospel and stand up for what is right.
June 27 Fr. Lawrence 13th Ordinary Luke’s architecture – discipleship. Jesus “set his face” to go up to Jerusalem. As should we.
June 20 Fr. Lawrence 12th Ordinary A comparison of Matthew and Mark – “Take up your cross – DAILY – and follow me.”
June 13 Fr. Lawrence 11th Ordinary Repentance/Forgiveness. That’s the cart before the horse. It really is: forgiveness-repentance-love.
June 6 Fr. Lawrence Corpus Christi Three levels of meaning. The deepest is “we are the Body of Christ…”
May 30 Fr. Lawrence Trinity Sunday The Easter Season is over, but the partying continues – with Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi.
May 23 Fr. Lawrence Pentecost The Synoptics and John tell very different stories of Pentecost. Both are “true.”
May 16 Fr. Lawrence Ascension Jesus is “taken up,” that is, he dwells with us even as we dwell in God.
May 9 Fr. Lawrence 6th Easter, 1st Communion Jn 17. Jesus dwells in God; we dwell in Jesus in the Eucharist.
May 2 Fr. Lawrence 5th Easter John’s account of the Last Supper – Jn 13,14,15,16 – condensed into 10 verses. The Indwelling of Jesus/God/Spirit/Us.
April 25 Fr. Lawrence 4th Easter Good Sheppard Sunday. We remember Archbishop Borders who was a good Sheppard to all of us.
April 18 Fr. Lawrence 3rd Easter For John, there are three ways to recognized the risen Savior.
April 11 Fr. Lawrence 2nd Easter Easter Day continues. Today Mary Magdalene and Thomas have one-on-one encounters with the risen Lord. As Thomas says, “My Lord and my God.”
April 4 Fr. Lawrence Easter Sunday A summary of the All Night Easter Vigil – the complicated God of scripture. On this day, Jesus’ act of complete confidence is vindicated.
March 28 Fr. Lawrence Palm Sunday The Luke Passion narrative. “Abba, into your hands I commend my spirit.”
March 21 Fr. Lawrence 5th Lent “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” Our spiritual discipline this week is prayer. It’s not how or when we pray, it’s THAT we pray – consistently.
March 14 Fr. Lawrence 4th Lent The Story of the Prodigal Son. Our spiritual discipline this week is spiritual reflection – we focus on the awareness of God here and now.
March 7 Fr Lawrence 3rd Lent We “break up the ground” of our souls, like in the gospel parable of the fig tree, using the discipline of fasting.
February 28 Fr. Lawrence 2nd Lent Luke’s account of the transfiguration. We commit to “weeding our garden.”
February 21 Fr. Lawrence 1st Lent Today, as Christ is tempted by the devil, we “commit to the garden of our soul.”
February 17 Fr. Lawrence Ash Wednesday The Lenten season begins – with our knowledge of the infinite compassion and forgivingness of God…
February 14 Fr. Lawrence 6th Ordinary The Sermon on the Plain “Blessed are the poor, the hungry, those who weep. And WOE to you, the rich.” These are Covenant challenges, not minimums to be performed, but maximums toward which we are to strive.
January 31 Fr. Lawrence 4th Ordinary I Col. Paul says “Love is…” Homilist says that “Real love is very different than ‘being in love’…”
January 24 Fr. Lawrence 3rd Ordinary Is 61. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me…” Jesus’ “Inaugural Address” for Luke.
January 17 Fr. Lawrence 2nd Ordinary The miracle at Cana – the third “Epiphany.” Jesus reveals who He is…
January 10 Fr. Lawrence Baptism of the Lord “You are my ‘Beloved Son.’ I am well please with You.”
January 3 Fr. Lawrence Epiphany The Kings from the East – representing all of us