Parish Council

President: Amber Hendricks
Vice President: Peggy Shouse
Secretary: Corinne Agren-Barnes

Meetings: The Parish Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. It makes its decisions on the basis of consensus. All members of the Parish community are welcome to attend and participate in Parish Council meetings.

Members: Most of our Council members are elected from each of the Mass communities, for a two-year term. Elections are held in May, and all parishioners over 16 are eligible both to vote and to be elected. There is a two-term (four-year) term limit. In addition, our two parish corporators and the chair of each committee sit on the Council.

Elected Representatives:

Name Mass Term Phone
Ned Banks 09:30 2018-20
Aisha Payton 11:45 2019-21
Amber Hendricks 09:30 2018-20
Peggy Shouse 09:30 2019-21
Corinne Agren-Barnes 09:30 2018-20
Chris Whitney 07:15 2018-20

Parish Corporators

Name Phone
Anne Freeburger 410-668-1602
Graham Yearley 410-433-6727