Parish Council

President: Amber Hendricks
Vice President: Geri Sicola
Secretary: Peggy Shouse

Meetings: The Parish Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. It makes its decisions on the basis of consensus. All members of the Parish community are welcome to attend and participate in Parish Council meetings.

Members: Most of our Council members are elected from each of the Mass communities, for a two-year term. Elections are held in May, and all parishioners over 16 are eligible both to vote and to be elected. There is a two-term (four-year) term limit. In addition, our two parish corporators and the chair of each committee sit on the Council.

Current representatives are:
Peggy Shouse
Ned Banks
Amber Hendricks
Joan Fulton
Craig Thornton
Jim Casey
Lindsay Dierkes
Geri Sicola

Due to Covid19, the Council as of 2021-22 has temporarily suspended the use of Mass attendance size to determine constituencies.  We added 4 new members. We are currently in the process of determining how many representatives the Council will have and what constituencies might make sense in this time of mixed virtual and in-person masses.

Parish Corporators

Name Phone
Anne Freeburger 410-668-1602
Graham Yearley 410-433-6727