Co-Chairs: Audrey Rogers and Gerry Fialkowski

Meetings: Six per year (September through May)

The Liturgy Committee is a mission-driven committee of the Parish Council…

The Liturgy Committee serves the needs of the worshiping community at St. Vincent. The goal of this committee is the spiritual development of the entire community and the empowerment of the Baptismal priesthood of the laity. The main tasks for this committee involve planning  for Sunday liturgical celebrations as well as all sacramental Palm Sundayand prayer services. Through training and collaborative efforts with ordained ministers, we seek the full manifestation of the Word in liturgy. Liturgies span the sacramental life of parish members.

Seasonal planning sessions occur for Advent, Lent, Summer Scripture Series, and Ordinary Time. Broad thematic planning takes place at these sessions according to the Scriptures for the season. The liturgy provides formal training for our lectors and liturgy planners on a regular basis.

Easter Vigil Fire

The liturgy committee has an elected chair and vice-chair. Membership is open to all parish members.

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