We Have a Dream: Meeting Summaries, Video Recordings, Witness Statements

We welcome you to join our efforts for greater racial equity. Find out what We Have a Dream is all about by reading the summaries or watching the video recordings of our gatherings.

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September, 2020 – Why Are We Talking About Racism?
Summary Recording

October, 2020 – Hitler Wanted to Model His Horror after Us?
Summary   Recording

November, 2020 – White Supremacists Groups Are Growing?
Summary Recording

December, 2020 – Where Were Christians During Slavery? Where Are They Now?

Summary Recording

January, 2021 – Didn’t We End Slavery?
Summary   Recording

February, 2021 – Why Did Efforts at Equality Fail?
Summary   Recording

March, 2021 – How Baltimore Apartheid Contributed to National Segregation (with guest speaker Dr. Lawrence T. Brown)
Summary   Recording

April, 2021 – How Can We Repair the Damage?
Summary Recording

May, 2021 – Why Doesn’t My Brain Listen to My Heart?
Summary Recording Part 1 Recording Part 2

June, 2021 – What? Computers Are Racist? Our Brains Are Racist?
Summary Recording

August, 2021 – We Acknowledge Our Complicity. What Can We Do?
Summary     Recording

September, 2021 – What Choices Do We Have?
Summary Recording

October, 2021 – Which Organization Aligns with Our Dream?
Summary   Recording

November, 2021 – Neighborhoods, Education, Legislation?
Summary Recording

December, 2021 – How Did We Choose South Baltimore Community Land Trust?Summary   Recording

January, 2022 – How Am I Called?
Summary Recording

March, 2022 – Should We Acknowledge Our Sin of Racism? Lenten Reconciliation Service
Summary Recording

April, 2022 – What is SBCLT?
Summary Recording

May, 2022 – How Do We Understand Our Privilege?
Summary Recording

June, 2022 – How Will We Share Our Journey with the Parish?

Town Hall Meeting – June 27, 2022
Recording Handout

August, 2022 – How Do We Proceed?
Summary Recording

September, 2022 – How Can White People Work for Change?
Summary Recording Slides

October, 2022 – How Did Baltimore Impact the Slave Trade?
Summary Recording

November, 2022 – What Impact Did the Videos Shared Make?
Summary Recording


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Skipp Sanders
Jody Meyer
Carol Baish
Jack Schmidt
Chuck Frascati
Dennis Moore
Liz Hasan
Pat Ball
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