Lent 2015

This is the Time of Fulfillment.
The Kingdom of God is at hand.

called to ServeThis is St. Vincent’s theme Lent this Lent because our faith journey must be more than a self-centered activity. Christianity was never intended to be simply a religion of the book, an intellectual exercise or a private affair. The good news of Jesus Christ is not so much what happens to us but what must be done by us. Being Catholic needs to be what we do and how we act. If we call ourselves Catholic, we declare that we are about encountering the other, opening our heart in relationship, healing the wounded of the world and making everything whole and blessed. Being Catholic is the way our love gives birth to God.

Every Sunday during Lent we pray our Prayer of Discipleship:

Eternal God, Holy Mystery, Mother and Father of us all, I thank you for choosing me to be your disciple and for the gift of your Son, Jesus.

Help me proclaim and bear witness to the Gospel by word and by deed today and every day.

Open my heart to the outcast, the forgotten, the lonely, the sick and the poor.
Grant me the courage to think, to choose and to live as your servant, joyfully obedient to God.

Readings for Lent

Our Lenten Reading: Life on Mission by Tim Harlow
Web Resource: Busted Halo’s Ash Wednesday & Lent In Two Minutes

Here it St. Vincent’s we take the meaning of Lent seriously. There are many opportunities for each of us to prepare ourselves for the Resurrection of Christ Jesus.  Some are familiar, some may be somewhat familiar, and some will be new.  All will be worthwhile and meaningful.

As children we may have been taught during Lent that we should give something up; as adults we have learned that during Lent we should give ourselves to something. The something is the sacred journey.

To see how that journey unfolds at St. Vincent, click here.