Columbarium Project & Survey

Have you made plans or given thought to where you would want to be laid to rest upon your death? Historically Christians have laid the dead to rest in churches where they are remembered and their remains are safeguarded. Burial within the church itself, or in an adjacent churchyard was once a common practice. Some churches are returning to this practice by erecting a columbarium on church property. A columbarium is a place to inter the cremated ashes of individuals, much like a burial plot is used to inter non-cremated remains.

A voluntary working group from our community came together to study the desirability and feasibility of having a columbarium on the grounds of St. Vincent’s. The Parish Council has agreed to have a survey conducted in the parish to gain a better understanding of the wishes of the community. Click here for the survey which will be conducted for two consecutive Sundays, October 5 & October 12. If you have any questions please go to or contact Geri Sicola at (410) 235-2062.

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