Awaiting the Resurrection: St. V’s All Night Easter Vigil

What time are the Easter Masses at St. Vincent? The simple answer is 8:30 AM and 11:45 AM. However, as is often the case, the simple answer isn’t exactly right. At 8:30 AM, we gather to celebrate the Resurrection and to complete our Easter Vigil. The Vigil begins the first celebration of Easter at St. V on Saturday at 9:30 PM. All are welcome to come for any part of the Vigil. Some stay all night, others arrive Sunday morning, and some come for a little of 49362 St V Easterboth.
What happens at the Easter Vigil? The Vigil begins with the lighting of the Easter fire in our outdoor sculpture. This kindles the flame for our Pascal Candle that we carry inside. We pass its light—Christ’s light in the world–to each person’s taper as we listen to the Exultet, a hymn of praise sung for the lighting of the candle. And then we begin with the Old Testament, but not with traditional readings. Parishioners use their creativity as we read through the books of the Tanakh, using music, poetry and art to tell the story of salvation history. In all there are nine presentations throughout the night.
What is the morning service like? It begins with the Gloria followed by the Epistle (the first reading and Psalm were throughout the night). The Alleluia, Gospel and homily precede the Liturgy of the Water, which includes Baptisms and Confirmations if we have any (we do this year!), the litany of the saints, renewal of our baptismal vows and a parade to the font. Finally we celebrate the Eucharist together. After Mass we continue the celebration with a hearty Easter breakfast for all. Nursery care is available at the 8:30 Mass.

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