Christ Remains Present

Fr. George Witt, SJ, presided at St. Vincent on Epiphany Sunday. His homily spoke of these words of John in the light of the political situation 2,000 years ago and then challenged us to apply them to our lives.

“The episode of the Magi reminds us of the real-world implications of the Incarnation. And it invites us to continue to seek indications of Christ’s presence in every situation, no matter how apparently bleak.

This goes for world events as well as for the challenges each of us faces in our individual lives. Christ remains present.

For while Herod and his cronies fail this time…much later there is another unholy alliance between political and religious leaders, and that time, they succeed.

But they do not have the last word.

The resurrection brings the entire story full circle, guaranteeing the continued presence with us of our Emmanuel.  So we can peer into the darkness of this world without fear… for the light shines on. And the darkness has not, and shall not, overcome it.

Do you believe this?    And if you do, what difference will it make in the way you live?”

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