Thank You Fr. Dick, Thank You St. V

Sunday was, as our Pastoral Associate Colleen McCahill put it, a “beautiful and bittersweet” day as we honored our pastor of 43 years on the eve of his retirement. We celebrated more than just one man; we celebrated ourselves as a community. And, of course, we celebrated in the way we know best, through the Eucharist, together in Christ.

As Fr. Dick said in his final homily as pastor, being a community of Word, Sacrament and Service means being “a place where people call out each other’s talents, care for each other’s sorrows, rejoice in each other’s joys.”

This occasion was just one small example of what this community can do. With less than two weeks notice, we put on a fabulous event for more than 450 people. People pulled together and in pitched in a seamless sort of way—sharing in the work, sharing in the joy and sharing in the sorrow.

—Laureen Brunelli, Director of Evangelization

More on Fr. Dick’s Retirement:

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