St. Vincent’s Parish Synodal Report

After conducting a parish-wide synodal process, St. Vincent’s produced a report, detailing our hopes and concerns for the Church. We sent it to the bishops of our diocese. We invite you to CLICK HERE (or on the image above) to download, read and share this report. If you have comments, you are welcome to write to

Share St V’s Prayer Prompts for the Synod as a way to start a conversation, guided by the Holy Spirit.

Our friends at Discerning Deacons are also planning for two online synodal conversations on May 11 & May 15. If your voice has not been heard in this synodal process, click here to learn more and to register. They will have skilled listeners & facilitators to capture the stories of the Church and the wisdom of those gathered. They will share the fruits of these sessions directly with the US Catholic Bishops, and will also publish their findings.

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