Friends of St. Vincent Park

Coordinator: Michael Kelly

Meetings: Third Sunday of the month, 11 AM, classroom off the parking lot

The purpose of the Friends of St. Vincent Park is to oversee the park, coordinate the volunteer activities of parishioners and others, and assist in negotiating for outside assistance in park maintenance.

Park HistoryPark Gate

In the 1960’s, Baltimore City created a park next to St. Vincent. The park became a favored hangout for those experiencing homelessness or near-homelessness—some of whom slept in the park. Their right to do so was defended by Fr. Lawrence when St. Vincent purchased the property in 2000.

In time, the park became a popular place for charitable donations of clothing and food, and mission visits from area churches. Donors brought food, clothing, tents, tarps and mattresses, and some people set up semi-permanent shelters in the park. Today, anyone who must is allowed to sleep in the park, but no one may encamp there. St Vincent’s closes the park every day from 7-9 AM for cleaning, and all items must be removed from the park at this time.

To Those Who Wish to Make Donations in Our Park:

We welcome donors of food and clothing to our guests in the park at any time other than Sunday from 9 AM to 1 PM when the overabundance of donors and St. V’s services can cause congestion and safety issues around Front Street. To help those most vulnerable, please consider making donations on weekdays or in the months other than November and December when there are fewer meals and donations available to those who stay in our park and the surrounding areas.

To help keep the park clean and free of rodents so that our guests may continue to enjoy it, do not leave anything behind when you leave, including all trash generated by your donations (including trash left on the church steps by those whom you served) and any clothing or items you are distributing. For everyone’s safety, please park in legal street parking spots and do not encourage people to block the street by making donations in the street.

If you have questions, contact us at or 410-962-5078.