PDF Icon Lectionary 2013-2014 – Cycle A

Date Video Speaker Feast Topic
February 23 Fr. Lawrence 7th Ordinary Some “hard to put into practice” laws Jesus gives us (in the Sermon on the Mount). “Be perfect as my heavenly father is perfect” It’s difficult because we automatically interpret the rubric as if it were English Common Law, not Covenant Law, which has mandatory maximum – to which we are to strive, even if we are not there yet…
February 16 Fr. Lawrence 6th Ordinary “You’ve heard it said to our ancestors” – a circumlocution for “God said” (for instance in the 10 commandments) “but I say…” Ponder that for a while. Jesus came not to dispose of the law but to fulfill it. So that the calling is “not how much can I get away with” but “what can I accomplish.”
February 9 Fr. Lawrence 5th Ordinary “I am Matthew.”The homilist assumes the role of Matthew and tells his audience about his community (who he is writing for) and about the gospel he is putting together.
February 2 Fr. Lawrence 4nd Ordinary Matthew Chapter 5 (6 & 7), the “Sermon on the Mount” – the first, longest, and perhaps the most important of the five sermons Matthew organizes his gospel around. Bless are the “poor in spirit” – what does that mean? The homilist suggests we read it, pray it, and think about it for the week.
January 26 Fr. Lawrence 3nd Ordinary The homilist uses today to give us an outline a Matthew’s gospel – since we are going to spend the year reading this text. After the introductory narrative and the closing passion narrative, it’s divided into five books as are the five book of the Torah. The five books (sermons) are divided by five narratives common to Mark and Luke.
January 19 Fr. Lawrence 2nd Ordinary “Behold the Lamb of God,” declares John the Baptist. The Lamb of God was slain at the exact hour that the lambs were slain for the seder dinner. The “Lamb of God” also takes away the Sin of the World – which, according to the homilist, is lack of relationship – going thru the world as a monad. The solution? Relationships – especially the covenant “You will be my people and I will be your God.”
January 5 Fr. Lawrence Feast of the Epiphany The Epihany is when God announces to the world (and to us) that ALL are welcome in His kingdom. The Magi (who come to Nazareth two years after the birth in Bethlehem) represent all of the gentiles that wanted to enter the church.